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Silk babyblanket white
Silk Baby Blanket

Silk Baby Blanket

natural white

•ECO •Undyed and completely natural •Helps regulate temperature better than other materials •Perfect gift



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Silk blanket in our baby size in 100% pure mulberry silk. Silk is the most skin friendly and temperature regulating natural material in the world. This blanket is completely undyed and produced ecologically without any pesticides.

The blanket is our most skin friendly silk blanket as it is completely natural which makes it the best option we can give our children. Remove stains easily with silk soap & water. The perfect gift when you want your small ones to have the best. Perfect in strollers and beds. One should never use any materials except natural materials in childrens strollers and beds because the right materials help children maintain the right body temperature indoors and outdoors. The benefits are especially apparent during winter times when the difference between indoors and outdoors can be more than 20 degrees celsius but silk blankets are wonderful in the summer as well which makes the material very versatile.

  • 100% mullberry silk
  • Fantastic for all children
  • The most skin friendly you can have in a stroller & bed



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