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Silk care

Instructions for washing silk - always use enzyme-free detergent.

Do not wash the silk too often, instead hang to dry after use. Silk stays fresh for a long time.

Most of our silk items can be machine washed as a mild delicate wash at 30° with a mild, always enzyme-free detergent. Feel free to use Marseille soap, e.g. Silk Selma's Marseille soap or Almgren's Marseille soap, both of which are of the Marseille type. Do not use powder detergent, hair shampoo, or fabric softener

Never mix white silk with other colors and sort colors carefully. Because we use mild color fixation for environmental reasons, the garments may release color when washed. You do not need to wash your silk products before use. Feel free to use a laundry bag.

Instructions for machine washing with soap

Wash at a maximum of 30° degrees, preferably delicate wash. When machine washing with silk soaps, you'll benefit from using a soap net. The soap is then placed in the soap net and then placed in the detergent compartment. Note that the ball on the soap net cord hangs outside the detergent door. In this way, the whole soap does not go down into the drum.

The water that normally washes down the detergent in this way washes off enough of the soap to make the laundry clean. It's easier to wash silk than other materials because the washing machine takes care of the dosage. Otherwise, it's also possible to tear small flakes of the soap into the detergent compartment or the washing water.

Iron silk - care advice for ironing silk garments and products

A lot of silk can be ironed, but there are many different types of silk and many qualities. Most of our clothes can be gently ironed, and if a silk garment can be washed in water, it can often be ironed. When it comes to ironing silk, steam is often good. Different steam machines can iron without the garment having to be pressed by iron but can be ironed hanging so that any creases can be easily steamed away. Feel free to iron satin on the matte non-glossy side.

Travel tips for ironing silk: Steam iron silk blouses by hanging them on a hanger over a kettle in the hotel room or in the bathroom when someone takes a hot shower. The kettle's vapors smooth out any creases from being transported in luggage gently and effectively. A tip is to roll garments when you travel instead of folding them, this way creases are minimized.