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Babyhat silk black
Babyhat silk black

Silk Baby Hat, Black

Mjukt ribbstickat silke

100% mulberry silk

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Soft baby hat in ecologically & natural material. Silk is a temperature regulating material that helps keeping the body evenly tempered. It is more difficult to dress babies than grownups since they do not sweat and therefore can’t regulate their body temperatures. This hat will help and can be worn all year round. Both as a skin friendly and warming hat to wear as the first layer under another hat or as a cooling sun protecting hat during summertime.

Babies should be dressed with layers during cold weather. The first layer should be skin friendly and temperature regulating, the second layer should be isolating and the outer layer should be wind- resistant.

This hat in 100% silk prevents itching and irritating skin and is perfect when you switch between activities indoors and outdoors. Silk is a perfect material for babies and their sensitive skin.

Ribbed, smart designed hat that suits all sizes from baby up to 1 year.

The hat is elastic and will stay in place, thanks to the ribbed quality.

  • 100% ecological mulberry silk
  • Skin friendly & temperature regulating material
  • Perfect for sensitive skin



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