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Silk panties white
Silk panties white

Ladies High Waisted Briefs, White

100% silk



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High waisted white panty in delightfully soft & light 100% mulberry silk. Wonderfully smooth & skin friendly briefs with completely natural material origins. Silk is made from the silk cocoon which gives the natural white coloration of these panties. Comfortable fit & appreciated model.

Silk is nature's own smart material. The hollow silk fiber allows air and moisture to transport through the garment, allowing your natural body temperature to be kept as is and sweat to be transported out of the material. It is simply a wonderfully breathable fabric by nature.

  • 100% silk
  • Natural coloration
  • Light, soft & comfortable
  • High waisted
  • 18 cm side seam

Consider premium quality and feeling, at Scandinavias largest silk company.



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