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Sidenlångkalsong dam svart
Sidenlångkalsonger svart

Ladies Silk Long Johns, Black

100% silk, standard, 115g/m2



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Silk thermal underwear in 100% silk tricot with loose fit, cuffs at the bottom, soft and flexible channel sewn elastic. Smooth and temperature-regulating silk long underwear in our standard quality of silk tricot of 100-115g per m2, contributes to a comfortable body temperature both inside & outside.

Silk knit is a skin-friendly material as the silk fiber is completely smooth, which reduces friction between skin and material. Silk's natural fats moisturize the skin, which is particularly noticeable during the dry Scandinavian winter months.

  • 100% premium quality mulberry silk
  • Temperature regulating, comfortable both indoors & outdoors
  • Excellent first layer when using the multi-layer principle



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