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Sidennattlinne Marin
Sidennattlinne Marin

Silk nightdress, Blue Print

100% mulberry silk



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Luxuriously soft nightdress in 100% mulberry silk. Smooth light and delightful against the skin. Elegant and chic design with slim, soft shoulderstraps and a bright blue print. This graceful and comfortable silk nightdress falls beautifully over the body. The light and airy qualities of silk fibres allows the material to breathe and hence keeps your body temperature at a natural and comfortable level over night. You never get too warm or too cold. Perfect for travelling, as it is incredibly light and requires minimum space in your suitcase.

  • 100% mulberry silk of a delightfully soft quality
  • Smart, lightly figure-fitted and comfortable design
  • Keeps your body at a stable temperature over night
  • Lovely & graceful bright blue pattern



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