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Silk care

Washing instructions

Wash your silk correctly to make sure you maximize durability and softness

Always use detergents free from enzymes!

Do not wash silk too often, air outside instead. Silk stays clean much longer than cotton & other materials. Always choose a slightly spaceous size to maximize durability and temperature adjustment. Most of Siden Selmas silk can be washed in 30-40°, with a mild always enzyme free detergent. Use a silk or wool detergent like marseille soap lika Siden Selmas marseillesoapAlmgrens washing soap . Always read the washing instructions in the garment or product. Do not use powder detergent, schampoo or washing-up liquid. 

Never mix white silk with other colors and always color sort. Since we use mild 
dyefixation out of environmental friendly reasons there can be some dyerelease when wet. You do not need to wash your silk products before using them. Use a net bag if you have one, that always protects all materials.

Instruction for machine washing with silk soap 

Wash in 30-40° mild washing programmes, with a mild always enzyme free detergent. When you wash with a silk soap in a washing mashine you can always use a soap mesh net. Place the soap in the netbag in the detergent dispenser, remember to place the ball outside the dispenser. This way enough soap is washed of the soap and the ball prevents the soap from following the water down the washing drum.  

The water that usually flushes down the detergent flushes off enough soap for the silk to get clean. This way one never has to dose the the detergent and washing silk acctually becomes easier than washing other materials since the washing mashine handles the dosing. 

Small grates can also be grated and used. Silk is a strong material when it is taken care of properly. A silk garment in pure mulberry silk can be used for a long time without it loosing its beauty if it is handled with care.  

see how to wash silk here! (the video is in swedish but you can choose english subtitles!)

Iron silk - care instructions regaring ironing products in silk 
A lot of silk can be ironed with care but there are many different qualities and kinds of silk. Most of Siden Selmas silk garments can be ironed and generally if a silk product can be washed in water it can also be ironed. Steaming is always to prefer. When ironing satin always iron the least shiny side.  

Travel tip silk:  Steam silk blouses by hanging the blouse on a coat hanger over the water boiler in the hotell room or in the bathroom when the shower is on. The steam from the water boiler smoothens any creases from travelling in a very efficient and careful way. 

  • travel tip roll your garments instead of folding! This way you minmize creasing.  

QUICK FACTS caring for silk:

  • Do not wash to often 
  • Air instead of washing
  • Silk stays fresh much longer than other materials thanks to the smooth shiny silk fabric
  • Always choose a loose size to ensure durability and temperature adjustment 
  • Always use  and enzyme free detergent 
  • read the instructions on the label in the garment 
  • Color sort 
  • It is easy to care for silk!  

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