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Grey silk scrunchie
Grey silk scrunchie

Silk Scrunchie, Grey


•Silk scrunchie that minimizes friction and hair damage •Lovely soft & smooth •HAIRTIP!



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Reduce hair damage & minimize friction with our scrunchies in mulberry silk of satin quality. Wide scrunchie with soft & comfortable elastic band.

Pure mulberry silk is the worlds smoothest material and satin weave is the worlds shiniest and most friction free weaving technique, making this silk scrunchie incredibly soft!

Can also be worn around the wrist as an accessory.

Silk is the world’s softest natural material, minimizing friction which reduces hair damage and broken hairs.

Our satin silk is made of natural materials and consist of natural fats which helps the hair to keep its structure and shine (unlike hair ties in polyester)

Mulberry silk is temperature regulating & allows moisture such as sweat to transfer through the material, instead of being kept in the hair (makes a huge difference when working out & showering).

The natural temperature regulation of the silk reduces hair frizz, that other hair ties normally create.

  • 100% pure mulberry silk of premium quality
  • Incredibly soft in the smoothest natural fiber
  • Wowen in shiny satin
  • Environmentally friendly & produced ecologically
  • The perfect gift!



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