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Exchanges and returns


We offer a free exchange with your order (NO, DK, FI). Follow the instructions on the return form included in your shipment and then register your return through the link below to receive a free return slip that will be printed when you hand in your package to the nearest postnord post center.

Register your return here (NO, DK)
Register your return here (FI)

Having trouble getting it to work?

Then send an email to info@sidenselma.se with your order information, order number and name. We will then register the return for you and you will receive a QR code sent to you via SMS and e-mail.

In the case of a return for your entire order, we will charge you 9 EUR, this sum will be deducted in connection with the refund to you.

NOTE! We are not responsible for the return cost if you have chosen to pay for the return yourself with stamps or another delivery method. If you return your order via any other method, you are responsible for the package and its contents being delivered back to us.