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Sidennattlinne skymning
Sidennattlinne skymning

Flared nightdress, Purplegrey

Silketrikå, 120G/M2,32,DF



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Flared Silk nightdress in soft spunsilk with a lovely shine. Flowy and comfortable A-line fit, one size (EU 34-44) which compliments almost any body type. Flared beautifully around the neckline. Also fits young adults or teens just as well as women.

Silk is a wonderfully breathable fabric by nature, it actually keeps your body cool in hot temperatures and warm in cold temperatures. Perfect for those who get very warm or cold during the night. Light-weight and requires minimum space in your suitcase!

  • 100% silk of spunsilk quality
  • Amazing color of twilight grey and purple
  • Soft, comfortable and flared design
  • One size fits all, EU size 34-44



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