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The benefits of sleeping in silk
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The benefits of sleeping in silk


Sleep in silk! Silk is nature's own smart material with unique properties unprecedented in other materials. It is temperature regulating, you never have too worry about getting too warm or cold over night! Furthermore the unique silk fiber is partially hollow which allows for an incredible breathability of the fabric. Moisture can move through the material whilst the layers of air store the perfect warmth. Silk is also incredible comfortable, it allows for a truly good night's sleep!

                                                                          SILK BEDDING - 10 REASONS WHY

• The softest natural material on earth

• Fantastic for the skin and hair

• Always the perfect temperature 

• Natural & environmentally friendly

• You sleep better!

• Moisture moves out of the fabric

• Dries incredibly quickly 

• Silk prevents dust mites

• Allergy and skin friendly 

• Frictionless & delightfully soft!


Silk Wadding

Silk wadding has been used in pillows and duvets for thousands of years in china where ancient mulberry silk trees still grow to this day. Silk wadding is uniquely breathable and light, keeping your temperature perfect all night like no other material. Down and synthetic wadding are not very breathable. They can cause you to become uncomfortably hot, sweaty or cold. Silk is gentle, it's fantastic for the skin and hair. Silk wadding is also anti-allergenic so it is good for people with down allergy or chemical sensitivity! Our luxurious & light natural 100% silk wadding pillows and provide incredible comfort for a truly good night's sleep. 

How to care for your silk wadding in pillows & duvets
The silk fibre is the smoothest natural fiber on earth so it actually deters filth. Because of this the silk wadding does not need to be washed- hang the fabric outside and air it out instead. Don't wet silk wadding - it will lose it's form! You can easily remove stains by hand. Just apply a small amount of water and silk soap to the stained area. If you take proper care of your silk duvet or pillow it will last for a long time.

Our silk wadding duvets are made by hand, each thin sheet of silk wadding stretches over the whole area of the duvet which gives a durable & even distribution of silk. The wadding is attached by hand to the outer fabric, do not cut away the attachment threads!

Choosing outer fabric for your pillow or duvet
Outer fabrics of duvets and pillows are available in satin cotton, satin silk or gauze cotton. Silk and gauze give the lightest duvets while cotton satin and silk are the easiest to care for and remove stains from. We also offer different amounts of silk wadding for pillows and duvets, the more silk wadding the warmer & thicker the quality! 


Silk bedsheets

All our bedsheets are made from 100% mulberry silk of fantastic quality. Pillowcases, duvet covers and sheets are available in two different qualities both of which are very comfortable. Satin or habutai? choose the kind that suits you best!


Silk pillowcases are good for your skin and hair!

Silk is a protein which moisturizes your skin and hair. Cotton is a plant fiber so it actually draws out moisture from your skin like the cotton plant draws water from the soil where it is grown. Our silk pillowcases in satin silk are without exaggerating actually the smoothest, softest & most frictionless pillowcases on earth. Mulberry silk is the worlds longest & smoothest fiber whilst satin is the smoothest type of weave. Treat your hair to frictionless pillowcases which reduce hair frizz, sleep wrinkles and prevent dry skin!

Be careful when buying a satin silk pillowcase. Many companies call their pillowcases "satin" but usually it is not satin silk but instead polyester or synthetic satin. Satin is just a type of weave, any fabric can be woven in this way. But synthetic satin lack all the amazing properties of silk satin! Our pillowcases are in 100% premium quality natural mullberry silk.


Read more about our silk pillowcases in natural mulberry silk here!



silk sleeping mask forest green

Silk Sleep Mask, Green

100% satin silk

Silk duvet cover, light grey

Satin Silk Duvet Cover Set, Light Grey

Sidensatin 19 momme

Silk Satin Pillowcase Grey

Silk Satin Pillowcase Grey

100% pure mulberry silk

Sleepmask in silk blue

Silk Sleep Mask, Blue

100% satin silk

Sleepmask in silk nougat

Silk Sleep Mask, Mocha

100% satin silk


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