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10 reasons why you should use silk pillowcases
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10 reasons why you should use silk pillowcases

What are the benefits of silk pillowcases? 

A pillowcase in silk is truly an everyday luxury. Not only delightfully soft & smooth, it also has great benefits for the skin & hair!

Our high quality mulberry satin silk pillowcases have a beautiful shine and even minimizes hair breakage as well as creases and lines over night! The perfect solution for incresing hair length, fewer split ends and less frizz. Simply a treat for your hair.

Always 100% pure silk of the finest mulberry satin silk quality (10 MM). Satin silk is the absolute smoothest quality of silk & hence the most gentle. Note that other companies may call their products "satin" but the fabric may be polyester or cotton since satin is a weave. Those pillowcases lack the amazing properties of those made from pure & natural satin silk which we offer! 


SidenSelma's silk pillowcases are in fact without exaggeration the absolute smoothest & most frictionless pillowcases made from natural material in the world. This is because mullberry silk is the longest and smoothest natural fibre on earth and satin is the absolute most shiny smooth weave! Our satin silk pillowcases hence minimize friction against the skin and reduce sleep wrinkles as well as hair damage. All natural and delightfully soft & comfortable! 

Especially practical during summer or in warm sleep environments as the silk pillowcases naturally help you keep cool and comfortable!

Silk nourishes all hair types!

Silk makes a diference for all hair types. Especially for curly hair, as it's moisturizing and causes much fewer tangles than regular pillowcases. Silk nourishes & causes fewer tangles during the night and saves you time in the morning no matter your hair type! 


Treat yourself to luxuriously soft & glossy satin silk pillowcases in pure mulberry silk

1. Always soft & smooth with a beautiful satin silk shine

6. Satin silk is the smoothest natural material on earth 

2. Prevents hair breakage over night

7. Silk helps keep moisture in the skin preventing dryness unlike cotton which actually draws moisture out of the skin

3. Fewer split ends

8. The soft silk reduces creases and lines in the skin 

4. 100% natural material, pure mulberry silk produced without pesticides.

9. Silk is so incredibly soft & always the right temperature, it allows for a truly good night's sleep 

5. Unlike all other natural materials, silk is the absolute most frictionless hence many argue it is the most nourishing for both hair and skin

10. Heat can cause frizz even in small amounts but silk is temperature regulating and does not heat up like other materials which minimizes frizz from heat damage


All SidenSelma silk pillowcases are 100% of the finest mulberry silk.

Our different silk qualities:

Habutai - 100% silk - smooth woven and medium shine 

Smooth woven quality which is also in our travel sheets and bed sheets. Available in many different momme, a medium shine & practical silk quality. Less sensitive than satin.

Silksatin - 100% silk - smoothest with the most shine

Satin is a type of weave which all materials can be woven in.  Don't be fooled by companies who sell cheap satin pillowcases, it is usually synthetic material such as polyester which is bad for the environment. Our natural satin in 100% silk has a beatiful shine & incredible softness. This type of satin silk with a high lustre is usually what most people associate to silk since it is highly shiny. Our satin silk quality is actually the smoothest pillowcase quality in the world because mulberry silk is the worlds smoothest natural fibre & satin is the smoothest type of weave!. Perfect for hair and skin! Treat yourself or someone you like to the absolute best silk quality.

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