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 The benefits of silk jersey?
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The benefits of silk jersey?

Silk jersey - the most beautiful and the best option closest to the skin!

Why is silk the most comfortable material?

The expression "smooth as silk" did not arise without reason, the silk fiber has a smooth surface and is the softest and smoothest natural fiber in the world. So there is nothing better to have next to the skin.

The smooth surface also means that the next layer of clothes doesn't stick to the other, everything fits neatly and you can move freely.

The smooth surface is also good from an environmental point of view, as it means that the dirt is not sucked in and you don't have to wash as often, and when you do wash, the detergents are mild and the temperature is low.

The knitted silk is thin, airy and flexible, so you almost forget you're wearing it.

Since the silk does not get warmer than your body heat, you don't have to take it off when staying indoors.

Why the smartest?

The silk fiber is thin like a spider's web, just like a spider's web it is produced by a living organism. Each fiber is partially hollow, so even the thinnest fabric contains billions of tiny air tubes that insulate your body temperature and protect you from both heat and cold. That is why it is said that silk "Warms when it's cold and cools when it's hot"

The caterpillar that spins the cocoon has cold nights and hot days but it needs an even temperature to become a butterfly, at the same time it must be able to live in the cocoon so air and moisture must be able to pass through the protective layer of hollow fiber - this makes silk nature's own functional material.

It's said that functional materials "breathe" and "transport moisture", but no material has lungs or means of transport. All knitted materials are more airy than woven ones, but while plant fibers and some synthetic fibers absorb moisture and become cold, nature has designed the protein fiber (including wool) differently - so that the animals do not get wet and cold - moisture should not stay close to the skin or get cold.

The knitted structure means that you do not need to use lycra or other synthetic material to get the stretch that protects the seams. This is partly why silk knitwear should not be tight, which helps keep the seams from tightening and keeping the fibers intact. But the air gap is also good for heat exchange.

The silk is always organic, if you were to spray the mulberry trees with poisons, the worms would not eat the leaves, very little water and no poisons are needed to produce the material.

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