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Silk scrunchies - 10 reasons
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Silk scrunchies - 10 reasons

A silk scrunchie is fantastic for the hair!
Genuine mulberry silk is the softest material in the world and therefore provides minimal friction on the hair.
Regular hair ties and scrunchies cause wear and tear on the hair fibers due to friction, ultimately leading to damaged hair quality. A silk scrunchie, on the other hand, minimizes friction to the greatest extent possible and is fantastic thanks to the natural properties of silk!

Why use a silk scrunchie?

1. Mulberry silk satin is the shiniest natural material in the world and therefore minimizes friction against the hair.
2. Mulberry silk is the longest natural fiber in the world, resulting in threads completely free of fiber joints, enabling fabrics woven in the smoothest material in the world that do not damage the hair like regular hair ties.
3. Mulberry silk contains natural fats, preventing silk scrunchies from drying out and stripping the protective layer of hair fibers like other scrunchies do.
4. Our silk is produced entirely organically without pesticides or insecticides.
5. Silk is a relatively environmentally friendly material; choosing silk as a material is a better environmental choice.
6. Our scrunchies are dyed very gently.
7. Silk transports moisture much better than other materials, making a big difference as much hair damage occurs when the hair is wet or during exercise.
8. Siden Selma's scrunchies have a soft elastic that is comfortable to wear around the wrist.
9. A stylish silk scrunchie suits all occasions, both for everyday wear and for parties!
10. Your hair will thank you!

Silk is good for the hair! HAIR TIPS! Top-rated! Unbeatable silk prices!

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