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Styling tips for silk blouses & silk shirts
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Styling tips for silk blouses & silk shirts

With their luxurious feel and special ability to create a more sophisticated look, silk blouses and silk shirts are something that should be in every fashion enthusiast's wardrobe. In addition to its luxurious and soft feel and shimmering finish that elevates any outfit, silk garments have the ability to fall flatteringly around the body for a charming silhouette for both formal and informal occasions. In addition, silk is a sustainable option as it is a natural fiber that is biodegradable.

Below are some styling tips for silk blouses & silk shirts:

1. Color choice: By exploring different colors and patterns when choosing your silk blouse or silk shirt, you get a personal touch in your outfit.

2. Layer-on-layer: Wear your silk blouse or silk shirt under a blazer or knit sweater for a more trendy and functional look.

3. The office: To spice up your office look, a silk blouse or silk shirt is the perfect choice. Pair with a trendy skirt or suit trousers for a more professional style.

4. Elegant evenings: Together with a pair of fine trousers and fine shoes, you get a sophisticated look that is perfect for a dinner party or a night on the town.

5. Casual look: For a more elegant everyday look, combine your silk blouse or silk shirt with a pair of jeans and sneakers and feel free to use with a stylish accessory such as one of our silk scarves to easily spice up the style.

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