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How do I choose the right duvet?
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How do I choose the right duvet?

Silk wadding has been used in both comforters and pillows in China for thousands of years, and its benefits seem to never cease to fascinate. Under a delightful comforter of 100% silk wadding, you sleep at a comfortable temperature all night long. Luxurious, just warm enough, light, and fabulously comfortable! All silk duvets from Siden Selma are filled with 100% natural & untreated premium-grade A mulberry silk, which is the finest and highest premium quality available. We introduced silk duvets to the Swedish market and thanks to our long-standing partnerships and direct contact with our fantastic producers, we have ensured superior quality and unbeatable prices. Please consider this when comparing prices; we are proud to have the market's best prices on silk duvets so that as many people as possible can experience the feeling of silk! Siden Selma represents quality & feeling since 1989. 

Silk breathes in a completely different way than, for example, down. The unique properties of silk wadding allow moisture to penetrate the comforter while retaining the pleasant warmth without sweating. Perfect for anyone who has difficulty maintaining a consistent body temperature during the night and, therefore, struggles to sleep well. Ideal for those with down allergies and sensitivity to dust mites since the naturally long fibers of mulberry silk do not collect dust or release particles. All our comforters and pillows are naturally developed without chemicals, bleaches, or pesticides and constitute a pure natural product. We would never add any form of chemical for flame protection or similar, partly because silk does not burn like other materials but mainly because Siden Selma only wants to sell natural products that are good for both people & the environment. Buying silk is a bit of an environmental act, and a silk duvet is the most comfortable thing you can have in bed! 

Mulberry silk fiber is smooth and therefore dirt-repellent. Silk duvets do not need to be washed but instead aired out. Stains are easily removed with a little water and Siden Selmas soap. If you take care of the silk wadding properly, the comforter will last longer.  

The comforters made of silk wadding are partially handcrafted, with each thin layer of silk wadding extending across the entire comforter, providing a durable and even distribution. The silk wadding is attached by hand to the outer fabric; do not cut off the attachment threads. The outer fabric of the comforter is available in silk, cotton satin, and cotton gauze. Silk and gauze provide the lightest weight comforters, while silk and cotton satin are easiest to finish. We also have silk wadded pillows and mattresses, just as wonderful as comforters. 


To determine which silk duvet you desire, you only need to decide on two things; desired outer fabric & amount of silk wadding filling!

Our silk duvets are available in three different outer fabrics. 
Cotton satin striped
Silk satin
All three provide incredibly comfortable and temperature-regulating comforters; choose the one that suits you best. All our outer fabrics breathe and allow the silk wadding to perform its best to provide temperature-regulating comforters. 

Our comforters are available with different amounts of silk floss filling. All comforters are filled with long-fiber mulberry silk wadding, which provides the most high-quality and temperature-regulating comforters. Silk duvets are the Rolls Royce of comforters and truly make a difference every night for thousands of people! The number indicates the total weight of silk wadding in the comforter.

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